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What is VConnect? Empty What is VConnect?

Post by grinbergjeff on Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:58 pm

Let me start by asking you a question:

Have you ever felt a lack of communication between Virtual Enterprises?

You've tried to email a company, but they probably overlooked it. You've tried to call them but they were not available. Their information in either the International Directory or the Data Portal is wrong or not given. You've tried all of these options which were scattered in different locations. It probably was a complicated and frustrating time. Trust us, we've also experienced it. We at VReal Magazine, know you want some form of communication.

VConnect is a hotspot for ALL VE firms to connect. Scattered One central location.
Suddenly, everything seems much simpler.

VConnect was created so that VE firms can stimulate business. You no longer have to dig through the Data Portal to find a firm's phone number or email address. You have their attention right here. You can request a certain product or service and a company, student, or coordinator will take note. They could offer you recommendations, referrals or business proposals. It's that simple. No frustrations. No ripping the hair out of your head. Possibly everything you need is or will be here.

The complexity of Virtual Enterprise made simple.

We hope that you find VConnect helpful. Any questions or suggestions please post them into their respective forums on our main page. My team and I will do our very best to assist you.

Thank you for supporting VReal Magazine, the Virtual Enterprises program and also for visiting VConnect.


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