How to Make a Request

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How to Make a Request

Post by grinbergjeff on Fri Jan 27, 2012 12:02 am

We all have desires and needs in the VE world. Many firms may need an office supply firm. Another company may need a financing or insurance firm. This is the place to make these requests.

The How To:

1. Click on "Requests" located under the "Virtual Enterprises Connect" category.

2. Create a topic in the forum by clicking .

3. Title the topic by what it is you desire. (Ex. "Looking for Advertising Space" "Looking for Furniture" "Looking for a business partner" "Looking for a piece of chocolate")

4. In the body (text) field, provide the information of who you are and what you desire. You could provide details such as your budget, preferences, etc.

5. If you'd like to see the draft of your post, click "Preview". If you like what you see, click "Send" and your post will be published.

What to expect:

There are many replies that you may gain from your request:

  • An offer: ("My company, ___, is willing to offer you ____ for ____")

  • A recommendation: ("I highly recommend you check out (firm name) for furniture!")

  • A referral: ("Go to VReal Magazine to purchase the best bang for your buck advertising!")

  • Advice: ("I recommend that you stray away from this company, they do not reply fast enough.")

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